Christmas in Haiti

I just returned from my trip to Haiti with Grangou, where we celebrated Christmas with the kids. Each day we celebrated with a different orphanage – Maison, Chanje, and Zanfan Lakay. They all helped make decorations for the party, sang songs, and listen to a story about how Jesus was God’s first gift to us, and how we are God’s gift, Then they ate pizza and cake before each was child given their Christmas gift from someone in the states. What a joy it is to see their faces as they opened up their gifts. But even more amazing is how much they love the cards and pictures they received from the families that sponsored them. For me, these trips really highlight the true meaning of Christmas, and it’s not anything that can be bought.








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2 thoughts on “Christmas in Haiti

  1. So proud of you Jane, looks great! Everything is so cute, but my 15 yr old is to big for your shirts….gets some women’s and men’s soon :}

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